I have had repeating dreams. In these photographs I have made images from them.  When I had a fever as a child I had a repeating dream in which there is a wild, raging sea and a calm sea. The dream begins with me lying in bed, the covers pulled up to my chin. The covers become the wild, raging sea, then the sea becomes calm, flat and waveless. The dream alternates between images of the wild sea and the calm sea. I also had fever hallucinations. I imagined my bedroom got larger and smaller alternatively.


In another dream, I do not graduate on time because I have not finished my last term paper. The college transcript with “Rejected” represents fear of that. The photo of the view down to the street from the top of a building depicts a dream in which I am at the edge of a roof, looking down. My feet tingle intensely as the dream ends.


The scene of trees in an open expanse originated in a dream I mistook for awake reality. I thought I had been in such a place on Monhegan Island, Maine. I returned there to see the forest again. When I got to Monhegan, it was not to be found. I realized I dreamt it. I have since enjoyed hunting for giant old growth trees. When I find them I share the awe humans have felt in groves held sacred. Dreaming of them reminds me of Carl Jung’s concept of a collective subconscious.


The tree of life may have been, in the first instance, a fruit-bearing genealogical tree, and hence a kind of tribal mother.

Carl Jung, Collected Works, Vol. 5, Para. 3